Brief newsflash here to keep you updated on progress – superhuman pace work continues under the vigilant eye of my friend, Support, who’s an utter credit to humanity, and though you can’t see it yet this site will swiftly take form and will be far more properly Barefoot vibe than it has been for years. Which means you’ll get a far more honed level of input, a far easier time of finding out what’s here, without feeling you’re just getting sold to, and come away feeling nurtured more every time.

While this is happening A M P E D volume 1 is selling like hotcakes over at ABUNDANCE.TV under the auspices of the fabulous Carl Harvey – and you can buy it there, or you can buy it here if you prefer, at least as soon as the payment system’s in, and if you’ve already bought it and want to download all episodes, plus the visualizers and ebook – email and organize your personal link.

All trainings bought will be here to download or to buy if you haven’t bought any (but want to) over the course of the next week or so. And by and by it’ll all start making sense.

Thankyou for your forbearance.

Let me leave you with this thought. This is not intended to be taken as absolute truth, merely as an experimental axiom to contemplate and reframe reality by and see what happens.

Consider whatever drama you believe yourself to be undergoing – mine for instance is the sudden exponential increase to my already burgeoning task-load in suddenly creating a new site from scratch at breakneck speed, while in the thick of creating Volume 2 of A M P E D, and looking after various people in various forms and degrees of critical condition, while not being able to access my database to ascertain who’s who in terms of memberships and trainings etc – and I’m sure you have your own example of drama. Now imagine someone 5,000 years ago facing their own version of a drama. And it’s at once clear that no matter how urgent or important something seems, all of it is so transient it’s really not worth getting our respective undergarments in a twist over.

Having attained to a slightly broader perspective like that, now shift your internal presence (the substance of your person) backwards inside as if tilting backwards a tad, so you’re pushing back into your kidneys and have your mind resting up against the rear wall of the skull. Open your heart in the front by relaxing your chest. Breathe slowly. Now gather yourself around your intention for a swift, seamless, smooth resolution to all outstanding tasks and obligations resulting in you feeling better in all possible ways than you’ve ever imagined you could and carry on as you were. Repeat the process fleetingly but frequently over the next day or two and watch the magic happen.

Stand by for further updates.

With love, Barefoot


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