Parody Blingy Moves


Parody Blingy Moves

As if the world wasn't seeming topsy turvy enough 7 planets are all now pretty much on one side of the sun, causing unusual gravitation flurry and flux, hence the increase of seismic activity.

And this affects the magma of the psyche as much as beneath the Earth's mantle.

In astrological terms all the main planets are retrograde to varying degrees, including Mercury, hence why you'll likely be noticing an increase of communicational disruption in important matters of any kind.

In this world of the ten thousand things, as the ancient Taoists called it, way before inflation ran rampant – these days they'd be calling it the world of the ten trillion things – nothing is as it seems. Here we all are, for instance, convinced that the vast preponderance of significant planetary action and activity takes place on the surface. In fact, from the planet's perspective, assuming the planet has consciousness, the surface is but a thin crust of relative insignificance, while the main action and energy, hence presence, is occurring beneath the surface, where the bulk of the planet's mass so discreetly tucks itself away out of site.

And so it is with us people.

On the surface of things most people you encounter look pretty much right as rain, sorted, organized, in the swim and so on. But look beneath the relatively thin mantle of anyone and you'll find just as much swirling turmoil as you will if you go for an underground swim in the magma (don't try this at home), or indeed as much as you'll find if you look behind your own facade.

Moreover, it's at this subconscious level we do most of our real communication on – not the chit-chat or even serious conversations we have through words, but the dialogue of the soul. Like the earth, this underground activity is the real action going on – the powerhouse of experience rather than the beautiful blue-green-white-beige surface of it.

Hence why it actually works to transmit healing intent into the psychic magma – send love to all humanity, especially those with whom you find yourself in conflict with. This doesn't mean being nice and trying to like everyone – but to be real, and know everyone here, no matter however much or little you admire or approve of them, is one of your human family and must be honored as that. Going slightly deeper still, it's because each one of us is the Tao with a different mask on, so when you're sending love to all, you're sending it directly to the Tao informing the all.

And when the Tao feels you loving it, it loves you right back longtime, but exponentially multiplied.

That love tends to express itself in life bestowing beautiful surprises on you – things that looked like the end of the world suddenly turn around and life is renewed, what was withheld is now given, and what was broken is now repaired, and all that sort of thing. Be patient though – it doesn't usually happen instantly, but the sensation of light-heartedness and joy is instant enough.

And now all that remains is to say is... now what shall I say... life is transient and even a hundred summers when they're done will seem as short as a single one, so don't dilly dally about when it comes to being present and expressing the beauty of your soul – the world needs it more than ever.