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Impossible is subjective. Every situation unravels eventually. Every block ultimately dissolves. Be like water. Flow everywhere without losing your integrity.

Rather than focus on the perceived difficulty, focus on the outcome you want.

What you focus on grows.

Understand a seemingly impossible situation is merely the Tao sitting crouched and covered in its cloak.

Respectfully approach the Tao in its guise of impossible situation, snuggle up to it, gently pull its cloak aside and cuddle it.

Every seemingly impossible situation carries a blessing in its folds.

Embrace the situation and it will reveal its blessing.

Tell yourself, ‘everything is possible for me now’. Tell yourself this with every out-breath.

Do this for a whole day.

Combine this with holding fast to your intended outcome.

Within 48 hours the seemingly impossible situation will suddenly become seemingly possible (it’s all perceptual) and as soon as it does, the block, no matter how complex, will unravel itself.

As with all obstacles, visualise yourself jumping over it, as if it were a large 3D shape. Visualise yourself on the other side of it, having jumped over it. Visualise yourself looking happy, relieved, at peace and ready to move on with the adventure.

Visualise this having happened in real time within say three weeks or whichever short-term timeframe feels right, regardless of any protests thrown up by your rational mind.

In the meantime, ask the Tao (your Tao), ‘what is there for me to learn here?’

The learning is the blessing and from the learning comes a shift in the way you operate and, by extension, the way the world cooperates with you.

Tell yourself on every in-breath,’ the world is cooperating with me’.

Exert only 4 ounces (110 grams) of pressure on unravelling the situation and allow the situation to only exert the same on you. Stick to the situation and its unravelling with sensitivity and softness and be soft yourself so you can keep yielding to any perceived hardness in the situation. Stick and yield with 4 ounces.

Relax in your skin. Tensing against perceived difficulties reduces your effectiveness and limits your options on account of rigidity. Be supple. Be flexible. Relax your muscles and sinews.

Breathe slowly all the while, as this will keep you calm and centred in the moment.

Remain in the moment – even when visualising yourself having jumped over the problem, do so from the present moment, with all of you in the here and now, fully in your skin.

Draw your consciousness back into the centre of your brain and experience the world from here rather than from your forebrain, as this will quieten your mind of all angst-ridden thoughts.

Soften your chest and allow your natural warmth and innate love of life (and all its constituents) to flow freely, as this acts as a lubricant to ease the unravelling of the situation.

Be willing to trust your Tao, your guiding spirit, your higher self, your life, your destiny, your whatever-you-want-to-call-it – trust that it is always leading you to wholeness and the peace and fulfilment it confers.

Trust that nothing is as it seems and is usually the complete opposite, hence what appears to be an impossible situation is actually a doorway into the field of limitless possibilities.

Resist the temptation to force a resolution.

Be patient. Be gracious. Be loving. Be attentive. Be aware. Be alert. Be nimble. Be optimistic. Be light. Be excellent. And allow the situation to unravel itself.

If you’re finding yourself confronting what seems like an impossible situation just now and take yourself through the loose-knit process implied by following the above, be sure to check in with yourself three weeks later and I suspect you’ll be rather delighted with the result.

May all impossibility dissolve and you find yourself instantaneously in the field of infinite possibility before you can say Barefoot is a brick.

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