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So here we all are, mostly rushing about on the surface of the planet, as if its heliocentric orbital speed of 66,000 mph wasn’t fast enough for us, all busily focussed on doing our chores, fulfilling our obligations, making our moves and generally working towards making dreams come true and with all that action is easy to lose perspective and forget where the real treasure lies.

When you eventually drop your body so you can get finally off the planet, the only thing you take with you, if anything is taken at all, is the love you’ve shared with others in all its various forms: those moments of pure soul connection with others, that happened for no other reason than love wanting to express itself – that’s what you take with you, if anything – that’s what gives your life meaning – not how efficiently you get through all your tasks, nor how well you manage to organise your physical existence, though at times, when caught up in the cut and thrust of the everyday, the very notion seems a bit wet, even though it’s not – to the contrary, acknowledging and accepting that love is the most precious jewel in existence and then living from that stance, is the boldest move you can make.

And the truly beautiful, magical thing about it, is that once you do, the details of your material existence have a habit of sorting themselves out in an implausibly elegant way – far more so than when you spend your entire focus on them. It’s magic and I don’t really know how it works, other than by emanating a field of pure love around yourself, you attract even gods and spirits bearing great gifts, let alone mere mortals.

The key to realising this hallowed, yet eminently attainable state, while engaged in the everyday world, lies in simply relaxing the heart (chest region) at all times, especially around others, no matter who they are.

May you be blessed with waves of pure love moving freely and with full force up and down the connection between you and the world today and may the events triggered thrill you to the bone.

Love, Doc

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