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Fascinating how the world seems to have glimpsed a view through the veil of the trance and in that glimpse caught up with the tragicomic romance of its own situation in history, allowing itself to be notionally moved by all this talk of love being the answer, which of course it surely is, or at least would be were there an actual question, beyond how the deuce are we going to keep the food bouncing into the supermarkets. But assuming we do somehow keep the whole show popping along in its familiar merry way, which I for one put my vote to if such a vote is invited, and so avoid the gustatory, not to mention psycho-emotional challenges of cannibalism, it surely is time for each of us to step out of our respective shells, out of our invisible suits of armour – without the false aids of alcohol and/or cocaine – and hold out a hand of strength and comfort each to the other.

For while prophets there are many, and some perhaps even with a degree of authentic connection to some worthwhile guidance, no one on this planet knows what’s coming next. No one.

What we do know is the resources we’ve been relying on for survival are rapidly vanishing and if we don’t manage a series of miracles unprecedented in scope and scale we’ll soon therefore be vanishing too.

If you’ve followed me over the past 12 years or so you’ll know I’m one for espousing having as much fun on the way to whatever it is you’re on the way to as possible.

As well as inducing maximum flow of chi through your system at all times, this does indeed depend mostly on sharing as much love and bonhomie with those around you as you can possibly muster – and that starts with relaxing your chest, dropping your weight to lend yourself gravitas and allowing your warmth to spread to those with you. If there’s no one with you, tune your mind to the nearly 7 billion people sharing the planet with you and let it spread to them.

I’m not saying any of this will preclude the unthinkable messiness of cannibalism should the system totally break down at some point but it’ll certainly make it all a whole lot more enjoyable on the way there.

I wish you spontaneous love-spread.

Love, Barefoot

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