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A Barefoot Self-Healing Session To Blow Your Socks Off Just Like It Did Mine

To trigger off an accelerated healing process in your life now – something that clears or alleviates physical symptoms, brings peace to the mind, settles the spirit in the body and consequently causes all aspects of your external reality to reflect that back at you by rewarding you with the treats you want and deserve, you train your mind to be still for many glimmers throughout the day and night as explained in today’s public Wisdom Drop, but to take it even deeper, so it alters the very fabric of your existence for the better by a quantum leap here and now, you can use the power of visualization combined with breath and energy channelling, and generate a profound and radical effect.

Close yourself off from the world. Make a cloaking gesture with your arms and like Zorro, vanish into your inner realm.

Draw your mind back into the middle of your brain and gather it into your pineal gland.

Soften your heart.

Slow your breathing down and make it flow smooth as silk.

Sink your weight into your hips and legs.

Be here.

Now (visualize that you) open the top of your head as if sliding two doors apart in your crown, in through which suddenly pours without warning a wonderfully warm, treacle-like golden healing fluid, oozing its way through your brain, filling up everywhere and oozing further down through your neck into your chest and belly, filling up everywhere, and oozing further down still, filling up everywhere in your pelvic area, and oozing further still so it flows through your shoulder and hip joints into your limbs, until it’s filled up everywhere so effectively, it’s now oozing through all your vital organs, bowels and other assorted vessels and glands and every single cell in your body is now suffused with it.

And yet still it keeps pouring in until its essence is subtly yet veritably oozing out through all the pores of your skin and finding its way directly to the heart of every atom and molecule comprising all aspects of your life – all your relationships with people and things, as well of course as any disembodied entities or non-things with whom or which you may be enjoying concourse of any sort.

And where it goes, healing follows.

See yourself now in the midst of an infinite ocean of this rich golden healing fluid, bobbing along merrily in its current and swell, buoyed up for eternity with a broad smile across your features – a smile of relief and joy for all is now well and all will be well and you know that, dear Member, you know that.

And from that, I wish you an unprecedented experience of self-healing that clean blows your socks off just as it did mine.

Love, Barefoot

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