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A Game To Play With Reality

Wherever you find yourself, however you find yourself, is precisely where and how you’re meant to be. The Tao-Of-You shunts you hither and thither and produces the various mind-states you experience in order to gradually lead you closer and closer to your innate state of perfect happiness by inducing you to access your inner playful spirit.

I’m not suggesting this is absolute truth, though it may well be. I’m merely proffering it as an existential stance to adopt by way of experimentation with reality.

In other words by assuming the stance that you are precisely where and how you’re meant to be, no matter how messy it or you may currently appear, you may notice it lends you a profound sense of confidence and peace about your place in the world. So to antidote any uneasy, nagging feelings you’re missing out on something, that life is happening somewhere else, that you’re marooned in the still waters of a stagnant slipstream and should be somewhere or somehow else, try repeating aloud or under your breath, as appropriate, the following affirmation no less than 81 times:

‘I am always in the right place at the right time, successfully immersed in the right activity, with the right people, with the right result.’

As you repeat it watch your resistance come up and gradually be dissolved through repetition of the affirmation. Subsequent to repeating the affirmation, watch how the action in the theatre of your life starts opening up and shifting profoundly towards a new direction within no more than 24 hours.

It’s just a game to play with reality but only takes a few moments to trigger and whether you hold store by it or not, can do no harm and may be just the trick you need to turn your life around.

May it serve you well, dear reader and may you experience a wonderful day and night replete with a thousand miracles as a result.

Love, Barefoot

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