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A proper magician

Tell yourself you can do something in life and providing what you want to do falls within the context of the physically possible in the widest sense, you will be able to do it.

The act of telling yourself implies being able to imagine it.

Take a moment to remove yourself from the everyday trance and imagine yourself doing whatever it is you want to be doing in life. See it, smell it, taste it, hear it and feel it. Be there in the scene for an instant and tell yourself, ‘I can do this,’ then addressing the unseen presence informing reality from the other side of the veil, the Tao if you will, say, ‘Let this be so,’ and it will be – over the course of time it will come to pass.

Till then be sure to remember to enjoy every moment, because what’s happening now is a result of what you imagined previously, therefore must be honoured with your joy even if aspects of it are challenging, which they inevitably will be on account of the interplay of yin and yang (shade and light) inherent in all phenomena and situations.

As soon as you honour your current manifestation, you’re free to create it differently – while you’re resisting it, you’re holding it where it is.

Make a mental or written list of all your blessings, starting with the main one: you’re alive and then go through all the lesser ones: you have consciousness, you have feelings, you have free will, you have love, you have people who love you and whom you love, you have a planet to live on and so on.

Note the resistance to seeing things in a positive light – you’ll probably feel it as tension in the belly region. Use your mind to let go of the tension and wherever you find it, breathe and relax instead. Then addressing the Tao again, say thankyou with all your heart for this unlikely opportunity to witness the greatest show on earth: your life.

Finally return to the everyday trance reinforced with the knowledge that you are now manifesting whatever you want and all you have to do is continue as you were and watch the story unfold of itself.

Ultimately nothing and no one can hurt you because who you really are at your core is the Tao itself and that goes on and on forever and ever unblemished and in tact.

Tell yourself, ‘What I am goes on forever and ever,’ a few times, tuning into your core as you do and all will be well – all is well now if you let yourself see, smell, hear, taste and feel it.

Have a surprising day during which you manifest your heart’s true desires like a proper magician.

Love, Doc

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