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A Stupendous Passage

Don’t for a moment think the Tao has lost sight of you or has forgotten to guide you – the Big You, your immortal spirit has you firmly in its grasp at all times even when it doesn’t feel like it to the local you undergoing its trials and tribulations – it always knows your highest good in terms of what you need to encourage your healthy growth and is guiding you step by step every centimetre of the way.

So stop fighting with the path.

Desist from allowing your fear to block your willingness and capacity to flow with the current pushing you onwards.

Let go – relax your muscles and breathe freely – reality has never been so malleable. You can create it any way you like now. And if that seems too daunting a responsibility simply be sure to choose between relaxing and resisting. Above all, soften your heart and allow your love to flow and radiate – love yourself, love your life, love everything you have to do, love everyone in your life – and allow life and everyone living it with you to love you back – that’s even harder than loving them – allow the love in – allow the Tao to love you through those around you.

The more love you can channel the easier and more serendipitous the way will be. Say three times like you mean it, ‘I choose to ease the way now by channelling more and more love.’ All is well and all will be well.

With love, Doc

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