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A Succinct, Well-Packed Nugget Of Swift Wisdom

All forms change over time – don’t get hung up, flow.

The more you cling to various forms, the less energy you have to deal with life’s inevitable changes and remain balanced.

Your rational mind always thinks it knows best. In fact it only sometimes knows best and that’s often only by chance.

Your subconscious, on the other hand, unfettered by the filters of egocentric prejudices normally operating in and obfuscating the rational mind’s view, knows absolutely everything – that’s the nature of unfettered consciousness – it’s the consciousness of the Tao. And you can access it at will via the centre of your own brain. It’s very simple to do as it’s your brain. But on account of the perpetual noise coming off the forebrain running interference on your greater intelligence, it’s also very easy to miss it.

For now, simply sink your focal point back into the midbrain and down a bit so it’s sitting in your upper brainstem (at the top of your spine).

As soon as you do, you all at once know that everything in the world of the ten thousand things (the external realm) consists of moving parts and to get hung up on any one particular part, however pretty or enticing only leads to suffering.

Get hung up on the source of all of it, the background presence, or rather Background Presence (the Tao), hold fast to that and all suffering passes much faster.

Spend your time loving the Tao and all suffering is transformed into bliss.

Love the Tao in everyone and everything without exception and life will reveal all its jewels.

May you be suddenly bejewelled in unprecedented measure and previously unimaginable splendour.

Love, D

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