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A Vow To Make To Transform Your Whole Life As Of Now

Thing is with vows is that one tends to fall short occasionally, to forget, to grow slack and so on, but by repeating the following vow on a pretty much daily basis, it will remind you to always optimize on the cards life deals you from step to step. In fact by adhering to this vow, you will be constantly opening yourself to the miracle-level of existence, by putting yourself in harmony and accord with the flow of the Great Way, the universe, the Tao, and it goes like this:

'I vow to choose to experience absolutely everything that happens to me from now on, without exception, as a manifestation of the universe’s unconditional love for me and to maintain this vow and for as long as I live.'

Try this vow now and see how the Tao shifts its bits and pieces around in the world of the world almost instantly to produce a new and startlingly fresh set of circumstances before you’ve even had time to say “Chuang Tzu, the old Taoist sage was a rather mystical fellow with quite a sense of humour,” three times.

Wish: you live happily ever after and from this precise second, begin manifesting such wonders you can’t believe your eyes.

Love, B

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