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A way to intensify the manifesting process

Hello there dear reader, if you’re interested in the whole Taoist wu wei (effortless manifesting skill), you’ll also be interested to learn that by shooting the chi up the rear of your spine to the base of your neck while visualizing what you want, you’ll intensify the manifesting process astonishingly.

Relax everything, close your eyes (subsequent to reading this), sink your consciousness backwards into the midbrain region, project an image of you looking, feeling and being exactly as you’d like to look, feel and be once your dream’s come true and as you hold the vision, simultaneously, visualize a fine stream of extremely bright violet-white light shooting up the rear of your spine and, then, as you exhale, visualize it splashing up into, around and over the midbrain region and rush forwards to penetrate the vision of you looking, feeling and being as you want to look, feel and be until it obliterates the vision and leaves you with just a very bright, light forebrain area.

Repeat this three times today and you’ll instigate a powerful flow of miracles leading to a massive shift of circumstances for the better.

It works but be patient as reality is a big thing to shift with intention and it takes it’s own time. However the process will be accelerated by repeating this exercise in an astounding way.

I wish you an exhilarating acceleration of your dream coming true now.

Love, B

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