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A way to make this the merriest day of your life so far

The Native Americans, with whom I dwelt for four years a few decades ago now, had a way of seeing what they called the Great Spirit - the Tao - in every person and every object. Each phenomenon is a vehicle of the Tao in other words. And they were in the habit of talking to the Great Spirit by talking to each object as if it was alive and cognitive.

It was how my friend and teacher, Sonny Spruce got me into the habit of praying (talking to the Tao) - he'd have me walk towards the sacred mountain for ten minutes each day and just talk to it, even if I was just talking a load of rubbish. After a short while, I could hear the mountain talking back to me.

Try talking to the desk, the chair, the computer, the light bulb, the floor, the walls, the ceiling - not as a crazy person, but as one who knows the Tao is informing all aspects of this manifest world.

If you're tongue-tied and don't know how to begin, simply tell each object you love it - do so mentally rather than aloud, especially at work, and do the same with any people you encounter.

By and by, the Tao will start talking back to you and once that happens, you're plugged in and ready for the merriest, most miracle-filled day of your life so far.

Try it for a few minutes and you'll see exactly what I mean.

Love Doc

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