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Accelerate the manifesting process

Think of what you intend to manifest now, draw down a vortex of cosmic chi, speak your intention into the vortex, then set it free and what you intend will come to be.

The universe is pregnant with chi and so it must be or none of this would be here, not even you and me.

The more you acknowledge even the possibility of the chi and its universality, the more readily it responds in actuality.

Reach your hand out as a gesture now and make a pass as if drawing down a small (yet intrinsically universally large) sphere of chi (Tao-juice). See the chi resting on your palm like a cosmic medicine ball.

Project your intention, as essence or as an image, into the ball. Then exhale and visualize the breath propelling the ball off into infinity.

Be empty, be receptive, expect miracles and carry on as you were.

Within 30 days your world will have changed along those lines.

A powerful (positive) change within 30 days to you

Love, B

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