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Accelerate your manifesting process

According to Taoist philosophy, when you manifest something, what you’re actually doing is rising up to meet what was coming to you anyway but which wouldn’t have come had you not risen up to it. It’s a sublimely beautiful paradox: your destiny is your destiny but will only perform optimally when you participate in activating it so.

The Taoists had/have loads of quite amazing methods for enhancing the ability to rise up to your destiny and actually even take command of it, one of which entails stimulating a point in the centre at the top of your forehead in the middle on the front hairline, or where the front hairline should be.

Press in here using 4 ounces (110 grams) for 20 seconds, imagining your fingertip drilling into the bone. Pull the finger away slowly and imagine a hole there now through which you’re breathing in and out. Complete nine cycles. Then visualise your perfect life and imagine a strong beam of light streaming out of the top of your forehead and pointing down on the scene to light it fully.

Repeat this daily and you’ll accelerate the manifesting process exponentially.

May this profound secret serve you incredibly well and start producing results immediately.

Love, B

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