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Accelerating And Amplifying Generating Wealth

The Native Americans I used to live with some decades back in the high mountain deserts of New Mexico imbued all phenomena they encountered in any way with the Great Spirit, the essence of the Creator. Every rock, every tree, every person and even every thought or idea was merely an expression of the Great Spirit in clothed form.

This propensity for animistic belief is not peculiar to them. I dare say we all resonate with it at some level as a useful mode to employ when required. Hence the notion put forth in the public weekend Wisdom Drop of money having its own spirit – money as an expression of the Great Spirit or Tao – money as mother, nurturing and supporting you through thick and thin – money as the Spirit of Wealth - and that spirit being open to invitation.

Having summoned all aspects of yourself into a unified shape and force and with that fullness of self brought to bear on the moment, and then having invited the Spirit of Wealth into your orbit with sincerity of heart, you can then accelerate and amplify the effect through practicing the following visualization.

Picture yourself now, dear Member, at the very centre of an enormous globe of golden light, easily as big as the entire earth and its atmosphere. This globe is the immanent aspect of the Spirit of Wealth – that aspect you/we at the human level are able to perceive.

Concentrate simultaneously on your breathing – first slow it down, then soften it, then make it even and regular and deep – and as you inhale and exhale, visualize the circumference of the globe contracting and condensing, becoming progressively smaller and more concentrated and becoming progressively brighter as it does so, until the entire globe of golden light representing the Spirit of Wealth is sitting snugly in your chest, causing you to glow from within as if with a thousand suns shining in your heart. Keep breathing, knowing this golden light is the Spirit of Wealth now radiating within you. Feel it reach to every part of your body and mind. Keep breathing and feel it reach and pack itself into every part of your life including everyone in it, which ultimately includes everyone on the planet.

You have, you’ll have noticed if following that carefully, now managed to draw the Spirit of Wealth into your body, mind and world and have by doing so placed yourself at the centre of the world as a font of abundance for the good of all and all you have to do to keep the mechanism running now is keep breathing.

This is powerful and it works.

I wish you unlimited, unbounded, never-ending wealth of the finest quality in every area and aspect of your life starting right now.

Love, B

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