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Acceleration is addictive

Acceleration is addictive – it’s a symptom of adrenalin addiction in fact – give me more, more, more and all that jazz – and it forms a pattern as do all habits.

And as with all habits, it’s interestingly broken by stimulating a pair of acupuncture/acupressure points at the back of the head, used mostly to help heroin addicts come off it.

Strangely my work in Ibiza a while ago somehow organically led to me helping a string of people clean up from assorted addictions – alcohol, cocaine, heroin, rage and all sorts and I was always astounded at how effective this point can be at getting people to naturally break their patterns.

I use it on myself for coming off an acceleration bout, something I have a weakness for, and find it highly effective, so thought I’d pass it on to you dear reader, should you wish to slow yourself down from time to time, in order to appreciate the moment more.

Reach round behind your right ear, stick your finger in the groove behind the ear as a reference and slide it down till it lands in the depression on the inside (medial to) the knob of bone you’ll find there and press in with respectful gusto for 20 seconds. You’ll feel all the steam leave your mind and your body will slow down almost instantly, especially once you release the pressure and in the subsequent minutes. Do it behind the other ear too.

Repeat every hour, telling yourself, “I have all the time in the world,” and within a day or two you’ll find yourself with an instant handle on the flow of slow.

May you have a day and night ahead so grand, wonderful and huge you can hardly fit it in your life.

Love, B

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