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Accepting where you are

What happens if we all get enlightened - what happens if we all achieve the state of peace and abundance we all seek - what will we occupy our minds with then?

Could we live without dissatisfaction biting at the heels of our minds at all times? Would we actually be happy being happy?

These are obviously merely rhetorical questions. Levels of peace and abundance are relative and constantly in flux, and require ongoing attention and adjustment: there is no perfect state other than the one you're already in, which includes the imperfection of dissatisfaction.

At least start or cut into the process by loving where, what and how it is and you are at this precise moment.

Stop holding your breath and let yourself flow with what is today - see where the adventure takes you. It's all subjective and internal anyway.

And while it's all going on, while you drag yourself variously smoothly or kicking and screaming through the next 24 hour period, what's actually happening is a high-speed journey through space, which based on the actual speed of the earth's orbit of the sun, let alone the speed the sun is orbiting the galaxy and the speed the galaxy is moving through space, will amount to approximately 1,386,000 miles, compared to which the details of daily life, along with all the fluctuating states of mind, are merely trivial.

I wish you steadiness, confidence, perspective and enjoyment today.

Love, Doc

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