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Accessing And Stirring Your Joy No Matter What – Advanced Level

Stimulate your heart chi to engender a natural spontaneous uprising of joy from within, regardless of external conditions or circumstances, by vigorously wobbling a finger up and down at high speed on the centre of your breastbone, sit or stand comfortably (if the latter, stand with feet together, knees very slightly bent and sacral bone very lightly tucked in) and with shoulders fully let go and relaxed, raise your arms up to chest height in front of you in ‘sleepwalker’ position. Now imagining the high speed movement of a pair of scissors, criss-cross your arms, alternating which one goes on top at relatively high speed, up to 81 times, breathing freely and slowly and remaining relaxed and supple throughout. You’ll notice your pectoral muscles bouncing (this strengthens the muscles and firms the bust area) and the centre of your chest warming up quite quickly (this is the joy-bringing heart chi).

Once you’ve done, relax and allow the energy released to settle and drop down into the lower abdomen before continuing with activities.

Reinforce the effect by repeating a few times with conviction and feeling, ‘It’s perfectly OK for me to feel elated all the time no matter what.’

With these natural energy stimulating techniques, the effect is not all instantaneous – at first you’ll feel the effect of energy moving and stirring, yes, but the real benefit starts kicking in approximately 20 minutes later, once the chi has had time to circulate around the system, so be patient and mindful or you may actually forget to notice the joy you’re feeling.

Once you do feel it, you can amplify it by breathing mindfully in and out through the centre of the breastbone as if you had a breathing aperture there.

May you feel elated and amazing just being alive and being you in the midst of conditions, no matter the conditions and may this joy-amplification trigger a similar response from the world around you and all the world smile upon you.

Love, B

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