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Achieve Whatever You Want

You can achieve whatever you want. You’ve heard it before and will no doubt be glad to hear it again, not just now but often, because the mind likes to habitually indulge in negativity and fear, just like kids like watching horror movies – it does it, or rather you do it, for the adrenalin.

You can achieve whatever you want.

Expect success.

Embrace that. And use some of the energy you’d otherwise be using to freak yourself out by losing yourself in fear pictures of failure in order to maintain the adrenalin flow to which you’re addicted, to picture yourself succeeding instead.

Keep training your mind back onto the vision of things working out for you and those around you.

But rather than attempting to visualize all the many different external aspects involved falling into place, see yourself on the other side of whatever perceived conundrum is occurring right now, having quantum-jumped clean over all of it, looking back with great satisfaction and a huge smile on your face, saying, ‘by golly, I’ve done it.’

Expect success.

Expect success in everything you have to do today – all your interactions, all your tasks, all your actions, all your words – expect them all to bear good fruit.

Expect success and success will be only too happy to comply.

I wish success to come to you with full, unbridled force today, showering you with one magnificent surprise after another as you go about your rounds.

Love, Doc

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