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Achieving Excellence Effortlessly As You Work, Rest And Play

Most of the time you run according to a schedule devised by your rational mind, comprised of things you have to do, more or less efficiently prioritized, which is fine and well for most of the time. But there is another way.

This involves following the urges in your belly rather than the dictates of your rational mind. So rather than doing what you believe you should be doing, you do what you feel like doing.

This is not to imply being irresponsible. Of course you undertake to do everything that needs doing but you do it in a different order, according to what you feel rather than think you should do.

This will necessarily also include doing things you might not normally do – going down to the corner for a coffee because you feel like it and so shave off an hour of the two hour time-slot required to get a certain task done and yet finding that the time sitting there thinking refreshed you so much, you were then able to complete the two hour task in just one hour and get it done more effectively and enjoyably as a result.

It’s about telling yourself to let go of the head and surrender to the flow of the day, yet with the intention to achieve excellence in everything you do.

If you tell yourself life is a drudge and that everything you have to do will be difficult and the chances are you won’t be able to do it that well, that’s the result you’ll get. If on the other hand you tell yourself a different story, in which life is your friend, there to make things easy for you and that everything you have to do, you’ll do easily, effortlessly, enjoyably and excellently, then that’s the result you’ll get.

However, you’ll have to tell yourself in such a way that your subconscious mind gets the message too for that’s where all the operational-mode choices are actually made.

And here’s a highly efficient way of doing it.

Repeat the following statement of intent a minimum of six times, both in hand-written form and spoken aloud, at least twice today:

I achieve everything today easily, effortlessly, excellently, enjoyably, smoothly, swiftly, successfully, marvellously and miraculously.

And I promise you that if you do actually do this, you’ll find yourself sailing through every aspect of every event today, whether at work, rest or play and will probably find yourself impelled to skip down the street at some point singing ‘Barefoot is a brick’ as a result.

Special wish: you sail smoothly from miracle to miracle today.

Love, B

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