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When you find yourself in a slump, disorientated, displaced, the sky is grey and your outlook dimmed, the normal reaction is to try and snap yourself out of it by distracting yourself.

However, if you follow the Taoist way of acquiescence, whereby you respond (rather than react) to all incoming information, along with the moods and mindsets they induce, as expressions of the Tao’s absolute love for you, you’re then able to surrender to the feeling, breathe with it and thereby retrieve your power, rather than diminish it using the distraction method.

It’s OK to feel slumped, disorientated, and dull if that’s what’s happening.

All you have to do is elongate your spine, broaden your chest, relax, breathe and remain steady of nerve and you’ll come face to face with the subtle presence informing your life and life in general. This is the source of all nurturing, of all peace, of all joy and of all fulfillment. Touching base with it even momentarily like this is enough to restore you and reset the story.

Tell yourself, “I’m willing to experiment with surrendering in grace to whatever’s happening or isn’t and to use the experience of each moment to grow stronger and more powerful by,” or words to that effect.

I wish you the courage to be present without feeling you have to change anything and thereby receive a run of beautiful surprises today.

Love, D

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