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Acquire A Mega-Level Of Relaxation Today

Let yourself be supple – let yourself be flexible – don’t stick yourself in a position. Don’t insist on being right.

Be flexible like a small child, for the more flexible you are, the more resilient you’ll be. And the more resilient you are, the more able you are to maintain your equilibrium no matter how fiercely life swings this way or that.

It all comes down to choosing it to be so.

Get a picture in your mind of you being extraordinarily supple.

See your whole body soft and relaxed, yet simultaneously healthily toned and strong – the sort of body you’d associate with a professional dancer , yogi or martial artist, say.

Visualize it.

Enter into the vision.

Be in that body.

Feel it from the inside.

Feel the deep sense of active relaxation in every joint and muscle group.

Feel the way that makes your mind relaxed too.

Breathe with it.

Enjoy it.

Then bring yourself immediately to the startling yet obvious realization that it’s your own body you’re feeling.

And because you’ve just performed that wee trick, you’ll now find a message has been sent to your autonomic level of mind that is already working its way through your deeper circuitry and causing a shift in the way your body is working, so that within no more than a very short time, you’ll actually find your body and hence mind, feeling far more supple.

Now that’s magic and you hardly had to do a thing.

To make it really effective, practice it once a day and the effects will accumulate exponentially until you find yourself so relaxed about life, you’ll hardly recognize yourself.

Loving wish: you find yourself so relaxed about life, you hardly recognize yourself today.

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