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Acquiring Super-Chi

Whilst immersed in creating the brand super new, utterly magnificently supercool techno-groove-based mind+energy-altering masterpiece replete with multiple subliminal positive affirmations, complex of healing frequencies and meditation guidance - first of the ANYTIME MEDITATION series - 'Let yourself go with that', I was reminded of when my colleagues in Dub Spirit, Hofer 66 and Mike Von Hash and I did a four hour set at a club in Ibiza. In fact we were so into what we were doing, we actually went spontaneously from sound-checking at midnight into starting the set an hour before anyone came in, meaning I was on the mike non-stop for five solid hours, improvising, poeticizing, extemporizing and philosophizing, my voice thrown in a hundred unexpected directions by the deft finger-work of Von Hash on the dials of his dastardly clever machines and the set was a roaring success.

Now had you told me, I was going to keep my vocal flow going uninterruptedly for five solid hours ahead of time, I’d have wilted with the thought. But the spirit took me and not only did I walk out of there nimble as a ninja at 5.30 am, I continued feeling healthy, happy and vibrant for days subsequently. This might be partly due to the positive content of the message I’m throwing out onto the dancefloor being compounded by doing it for so long but is mostly due to letting go into the flow of joy in doing what you love.

Something extra triggers within, though it also feels as if it surrounds you, a certain kind of energy that overcomes all local resistance.

Now the trick on sitting down to work of a day consists in reframing whatever you have to do so it becomes something you want to do instead.

And the trick behind that, rests in remembering that the Tao, that something intrinsic and extra informing and surrounding you, is present in every moment, during every activity and that if you dedicate the performance of each and every task to the Tao, to that something intrinsic and extra, you’ll plug into an extra flow of innate joy running through you, and it will sustain you the whole day long.

I wish you a supercharged magic carpet ride through everything you have to do today and tonight, leaving you feeling exhilarated and joyful to be alive.

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