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Activate a protective force-field around you

The white light of protection may on the one hand be seen as just a way of signalling the subconscious to be on the alert for danger and adjust the signals it’s sending to others via smell, sound, movement, heat and so on, accordingly, in order to minimize potential danger, or it may be seen as an active agent that actually works to activate your protective force-field of chi. It doesn’t matter which way you see it, it works anyway.

Picture a glow of super-bright white light forming a large sphere encasing your physical form, extending a few meters from your core to the circumference.

Next put a spin in it.

Start with a clockwise spin, keep that going and then if you can – but don’t get your head in a crunch over it - activate a counter-clockwise spin at the same time – both at the speed of light.

Just one nanosecond of seeing this is enough to activate an effective protective force-field around you, sufficient to ward off all pernicious energy.

Full protection to you.

Love, D

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