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Activating Powerful Manifestation Of Whatever You Need In A Hurry Today

Spend a moment considering what it is you need to draw into being in your life now – this could be an extra sum of money to pay a debt or outstanding bill, for instance, it could be a job, it could be a place to live it could be food to eat or it could be something bigger – it doesn’t matter – there is no order of difficulty in manifesting things, however big or small, however the bigger they are, the more peoples’ agreement about are needed and people take time.

Nonetheless, this technique will enable you to draw in a hurry whatever is actually needed for you to keep your show on the road right now, whatever that actually is – and remember your local self is not necessarily privy to the big view so doesn’t always know what’s actually required in the same way your higher self does, so you also have to be willing to trust your higher self to know best and be willing to surrender to what is and let things develop as they will, having done the exercise.

So saying, visualize an egg of light all around you now – set it spinning at 186,000 miles per second round you in a clockwise direction, deflecting all incoming harmful energy and allowing in all benign, helpful incoming energy.

Feel the essence of incoming positive energy, inducted in through the ‘surface’ of the egg, swirling in and all around you, wrapping you in what feels like a sheath of positive energy, comprised of brightly shining light particles. Now if what you need is more money, for example, see each of the particles with $100 bills or any large denomination notes of whichever currency you’re resonating with at the moment, and all of it, the very essence of all these infinite numbers of high-denomination notes, wrapping itself around you like a cloak of positive wealth, gradually penetrating your skin all the way to your bone marrow, until your very marrow feels filled with the essence of positive wealth.

But rather than relinquish this vision and sensation as you re-enter the everyday world, maintain a sense of it in your peripheral inner vision as you go about your daily rounds.

Expect whatever it is you need in a hurry to show up unexpectedly any time now.

So be it.

Love, B

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