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Activating Powerful Psychic Protection Today

Though you are very strong – I say this as you’ve evidently managed to thrive sufficiently in this world of stray asteroids, wild animals and other assorted dangers to be sitting, crouching, lying or standing here reading this now – though you are strong, you are nonetheless vulnerable, as well you know. You must be vulnerable or you’d never be able to allow anything new into your life. Without the willingness to open yourself to the new, you’d not be able to receive the love and beauty of the world.

However as the word itself implies (vulnerability literally means being available to be wounded), it’s important to institute some sort of psychic valve that acts to let in only the beneficial energy coming your way and screens out the negative or harmful, in the same way your immune system does for your body.

The ancient Taoists were well aware of this need and so developed a whole series of psychic protection methods, one of which, first explained in HANDBOOK FOR THE URBAN WARRIOR in 1998 and which attracted vast amounts of positive feedback so I feel assured, quality-control-wise sharing in it with you goes as follows.

Picture all around you a vast egg-shaped field of brilliant white light, extending a good few meters from you in all directions – above, below, to the sides, to the front and to the rear of you, with you at its centre. Once you’ve glimpsed the vision of it, set it spinning in a clockwise direction around you at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second).

Imbue it with the power to deflect all incoming negative energy and to allow in all incoming positive energy without you having to do anything more about it.

Once you’re done, rather than relinquishing the vision as you set about the rest of your day’s tasks, maintain the peripheral inner vision of it throughout the day and night.

It’s advisable to reactivate it every morning before leaving home, every night before sleep and often in between and as it only takes a second or two to do and leaves you feeling energized and fortified there’s nothing to lose by doing so and potentially everything to gain.

May you always be protected from all harm and always available to the endless stream of opportunities in your path.

With love, Doc

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