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Adjusting the Flow of Chi

You can totally alter your innermost state by shifting your energy field, which you can do by adjusting the flow of chi at specific locations in your body.

The back of your neck is where you attempt to control life from and by releasing the tension there, you reduce the level of false control, hence increase levels of acquiescence.

The sacrum is the seat of your being and by releasing tension there you increase your inner peace levels.

To wit, with the forefinger of one hand press lightly in at the base of the skull in the centre where the spine meets the skull and with the other, press into the very centre of the sacral bone where you’ll find a small indentation.

Maintain this dual hold for twenty seconds or so and you’ll feel a subtle yet profound release along your spine and radiating all about.

When you release, remind yourself, ‘I’m willing to exercise the innate courage to let go and allow life to surprise me in beautiful ways now.’ And carry on as you were.

Repeat this four times briefly today and by tomorrow you’ll feel decidedly more relaxed and playful with life.

I wish you relaxation and play.

Love, B

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