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Advanced Gear-Shift Smoothness Enhancing Technique

The Taoist way is never to push your energy but to follow it.

However it’s not a blind or willy-nilly following.

First you use your mind to create an intention.

For instance, intend to accomplish all necessary tasks and fulfil all necessary obligations with the greatest of ease, effortlessness, excellence and enjoyment today.

Then relax your body, slow down your breathing and focus in on the energy in your lower abdomen.

At first it may feel really small, perhaps even just a pinprick of life force. But as you focus on it, it grows until it feels like a ball of vitality sitting just below your navel.

Following on from this, according to the Taoist schema, it’s the energy in your liver and the way it's flowing that directly determines how smoothly you’re able to change gear from one mode to the next.

When your liver energy is balanced, not too hot, not too cold and flowing freely, you’re able to switch from one mode to the next without undue strain or exertion. When the liver is unbalanced, hot-cold and its energy stuck, it causes physical tension in the upper abdomen, especially on the right side.

Conversely, by releasing tension in this area, it causes your liver to regulate itself.

Spend a moment now releasing all the tension around your liver.

The most effective instant method for this is to place your right palm on the right side of your ribs as if to hold it steady and then to press in with the fingers of the left hand between the ribs on the left side of your body at that same level, as if pushing towards the centre of your right palm. Hold the position for at least 20 seconds, until you feel a sense of relaxation spread across your upper abdomen. Then breathe in deeply and exhale making the sound, SHHHHHHHHH. As you make the sound, visualize your liver expanding like a balloon you’re blowing air into.

Let go and relax completely for a moment before continuing with your day’s tasks and within ten minutes or so you’ll notice yourself flip easily into the desired mode without any effort whatsoever.

Keep tuning in, and it will propel you through the day, through getting all your jobs done.

And by the end of the day you’ll look back and think, ‘well, blow me, if I didn’t achieve everything I needed to easily, effortlessly, excellently and enjoyably today!’

Love, B

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