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Advanced Powerful Weekend Money Magic

Yes it’s true – worrying about money achieves nothing except for adding stress to your system and increasing static in your energy field, which in turn adds to the obstruction. For money is merely energy in symbolic form. Get your chi moving freely and the money soon follows.

This requires suspending rational thought for the duration of the experiment, as rational thought tends to be confined to a linear, incremental view and what we’re doing here is lateral and quantum.

The best, most effective way to get your chi flowing is to be like a child, a carefree, borderline irresponsible child, so entrusting of the benign nature of existence, it doesn’t waste a second on superstitious fears about the future.

And the best way to engender such a state is to visualize yourself as that child and then enter into its body so you can feel the sensation of carefree abandon for yourself here and now.

Once achieved, once you get a visceral sensation of being that carefree inner child, picture yourself playing in a large sandpit, yet rather than grains of sand running through your hand, it’s high denomination bank notes in your favourite currency – infinite amounts of them.

Now, graciously, not greedily, as you can always return for more at any time, scoop up a few armfuls and put them in the large sack conveniently placed to your left.

See yourself walking home and chucking a wad or two at people passing by you can tell need a bit of help.

And in your own time, feeling richer, draw yourself back into the everyday state.

Within 30 days, inbound financial flow will have increased notably.

I wish it be so notable for you, it all but takes your breath away when it starts flooding in.

Love, B

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