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Advanced Technique For Accelerating Your Love Affair With The Tao

If you ever look at a likeness of the Buddha, the embodiment of the enlightened state, you’ll invariably notice his left hand is pointing downwards and his right hand pointing upwards, both with palms facing out.

This is because he’s drawing in all the suffering of the world through the centre of his left palm, transmuting it in his heart into love and sending that love out to all the world through the centre of his right palm.

Presumably being merely mortal, you are not required to transmute the world’s suffering within your chest unless you’ve been specifically trained to do so but you are able to take the Buddha’s lead in this by simply drawing in the love of the Tao through your left palm, mixing it with your own love inside your chest (heart) and sending it out to the world now fortified through your right palm.

Intensify the effect by spending 20 seconds or so using the thumb of one hand to firmly massage the ‘Compassionate Buddha’ point in the centre of the other hand, as if to open it up and then do the same on the other.

Then sit for a moment and breathe in as if through the centre of the left palm, draw the breath into the heart and breathe out through the centre of the right palm. As you do, imagine you are actually drawing in the essence of love from the entire world, adding to it with your own love and then sending it back out for every sentient being to be blessed by. Complete nine breath cycles like this then carry on as you were and if this doesn’t trigger a whole stream of miracles in your life, starting right now I’ll eat my shoes.

Loving wish: that you do indeed trigger a whole stream of miracles starting right now and increasing through the day (as it will be wonderful for you and eating shoes isn’t my best thing).

Love, B

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