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Advanced Technique To Clear The Mind Enough To Hear Your Tao Talking

The mind can be adjusted in tone, volume, brightness and contrast just like a TV, by stimulating various acupressure points and energy regions in the correct sequence, doing which can totally shift the noise in your head, enabling you to hear the deeper, normally subconscious, voice of your Tao talking within.

Once this happens you never suffer from confusion or doubt again.

It takes practice and firm intention, but start straight away and you’ll be making huge headway in no time.

Hold ears between thumbs and forefingers and massage every nook and cranny with sufficient vigour to engender great heat in both ears.

Now place palms over ears to block the sound completely. Place middle fingers of both hands on the back of your skull near the base. Place your forefingers on top of your middle fingers.

Flick your forefingers off your middle fingers onto your skull. This will produce a loud sound, hence why the technique is called beating the heavenly drum. Do 18 flicks.

Next press the forefinger of one hand into the centre of the forehead in the small dent you’ll find in line with the eyebrows just above the bridge of your nose, and the forefinger of the other hand into the centre of the base of the skull, in that indentation where the top of your spine caresses the base of your brain.

Hole the pressure lightly and visualize your two fingers are gradually penetrating from either end till they meet in the centre of your brain.

Then relax and breathe slowly and in the ensuing silence listen for a still small voice arising from the base of the midbrain, saying psst, I’m your Tao – fancy having some fun?

Then all you have to do is follow what it tells you, no matter how crazy it may first appear – you’ll know it’s genuine because all the suggestions will be loving, wise and life-affirming in essence – and your Tao will indeed lead you on a fabulous adventure that never actually has to stop.

Wish: you are fully delivered by the adventure into your skin where you come face to face with the most beautiful, benign, gracious, magnificent and powerful presence in your entire universe: you.

Love, B

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