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Aligning Yourself To The Will Of The Tao For Optimum Results

If you’ve ever experimented with repeating positive affirmations, you’ll know how powerfully and radically it can shift your reality, almost without you having to do anything to make it happen.

However in creating a new reality, it’s important to set it in context. You live in an interdependent web of human activity and consciousness, hence whatever reality you create will impact on the reality of everyone else. Your reality does not exist in a bubble, in other words but as part of a continuum and comprises an essential aspect of everyone else’s reality, whether they know it or not.

When what you want for yourself is in accord with the highest good of all humanity, it tends to manifest for you more swiftly fully and powerfully, than otherwise. And it’s not even that important what it is. What really counts is where you’re coming from when you initiate the intention to create whatever it is you want.

While it is beyond the scope of the rational mind to know for sure what is for the highest good of everyone, unless you’re the Great Isness itself reading this, no longer in limited human form, the Great Isness within you that does know what’s for the highest good responds favourably whenever you simply assert that what you want be for the highest good of everyone.

This can be done simply by repeating the following affirmation no less than six times so it finds its way into your subconscious:

What I want for myself is also for the good of all humanity – all the forces of existence are on my side now for the highest good of everyone.

As you repeat it, simultaneously picture you enjoying whatever it is you want, as if it’s already a reality.

For a powerful visualisation exercise to enhance this check out today’s Members' Wisdom Drop.

Meanwhile, may you be altogether astonished to see how elegantly reality unfolds for you today and tonight as a result of reading this.

Love, Doc

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