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All Change Now

In triggering transformation it’s important to be aware there’s a part of you, the yin, conservative aspect, which wants to keep structure stable and is hence resisting change even as the yang, progressive aspect craves it.

In fact transformational change is not only inevitable and irresistible, it’s essential. Without it, the whole universe would congeal instantaneously into a meaningless blob and you with it.

The way is to gradually, patiently train yourself to notice how you’re resisting the new, spotting the accompanying muscular-skeletal holding patterns and using the mind to release it, thereby simultaneously undoing some of the resistance in the mind.

Resistance in itself is not a bad thing – to the contrary it’s an indication pf your strength, as an essential – it provides immunity from harmful exogenous factors for a start.

But when you're mostly with metaphorical heels dug in, mostly resisting change rather than flowing with it, it drains high levels of vital force, which weakens the immune system instead.

It’s all about balance, and seeing as resisting is generally the default position, it helps to overcompensate a bit by training the mind to regard all change as positive.

Try letting go of your muscles, letting go of the breath and repeating with feeling 6 times or more so that it penetrates all the way to the autonomic level: all change is good for me. Through constant change and transformation I grow ever more fully into myself.

Then smile, clap hands and make a wish.

Mine for you is that you ride the changes like a consummate transformation-jockey and that this elicits an unprecedented run of beautiful surprises today (and tonight).

Love, B

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