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Allow Yourself To Feel The Thrill And Have Some Real Fun

Everything in existence is governed by the intrinsic dynamic between the yin and yang, the contractive and expansive forces respectively, hence why a moment of tension is followed by a moment of release and vice versa, or a difficult phase is followed by one of ease and so on. So there’s no wisdom in attaching yourself to or identifying with any erroneous notions that life is meant to be easy all the time, nor to any that life must always be difficult. It will inevitably swing both ways in a constant cycle of contraction and expansion.

You have to be awake to the phase you’re in but not identify with it.

And you can choose whether experiencing the swing is going to be a fun ride or not. Either way you’re going to have to go on the ride.

So you choose whether you’re going to let go, relax and enjoy swinging back and forth between difficult phases and easy ones, or whether you’re going to tense up, resist and not enjoy it. You choose whether the whole thing is going to be fun or not.

I’m not inferring the drunken tee-hee-hee, tra-la-la sort of fun that requires going into denial about what’s going on, though of course that occasionally certainly has its place in the existential repertoire but the deeper existential fun of being awake to the thrill of the ride, both its tense bits and its relaxed bits, in the same way a fearless child might embrace a ride on the big dipper.

Merely from an experimenting with existence standpoint, try positioning yourself as the innocent playful child in the adventure playground of life and relaxing your belly enough to allow the difficult experiences and the easy to pass through with equal fluidity, your only preference being whether you prefer to have fun accommodating the passage or not.

And if it’s the former, simply loosen up now, drop your shoulders, drop your veneer of adulthood, soften your belly and feel the thrill of the ride come what may today, tonight and right through the weekend.

Tell yourself with utmost conviction and sincerity of heart, “This is my life and my choice is to have fun with it now, come what may – no matter how challenging, no matter how rewarding, no matter how scared I get, no matter how confident, my choice is to enjoy it, because it’s my life and as far as I can currently verify, any past-life memories notwithstanding, it’s the only life I’ve got and I’m no longer willing to waste even another nanosecond of it tensing up, resisting it and being glum.”

May you feel the deep, unassailable existential thrill of the ride come what may today in a deeper more unassailable way than you’ve ever felt it before now.

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