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Always Trust Your Tao

Always trust your Tao, the ineffable whatever-it-is guiding your life, to produce the perfect result for you in every situation, without exception. Do not let curved balls, set-backs, delays, obstacles or disappointments cause you to question that trust. Know that every curved ball, set-back, delay or obstacle carries a gift for you. The greater the curved ball, set-back, delay or obstacle, the greater the gift.

When these occur, do not waste energy feeling sorry for yourself as this is counterproductive, reinforces a disempowering sense of victim-hood and has no upside whatsoever. You need all the energy you can access to face up to a problem in order to receive its gift and move on. So the faster you get off the moaning and groaning and get into being grateful instead – grateful because you trust your Tao and know it has produced the problem for a very good reason even though you don’t know what that is yet - the better. Trust that the reason will reveal itself in the form of a new, improved vista which otherwise wouldn’t have been yours to see and enjoy.

My wish: that you let go of all fixation on suffering and find yourself flying like an angel through the day from one instance of surprising success to the next.

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