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Amplify And Intensify Your Playful Core

Making whatever you’re doing more fun isn’t really about what’s going on externally, not much to do with what you’re actually doing at all, in fact. But it has everything to do with the way you’re talking to yourself inside.

If you cast your mind back to when you were very young, to a moment you were totally absorbed in the state of play, you’ll recall, if you look very carefully, a dialogue going on in the front of your brain at the time, the content of which amounted to something like, ‘This is fun, isn’t it? This really is fun!’

Having accessed the inner sensation that comes with that memory, draw yourself with this sensation inside you, back into the present moment and start repeating the above mantra as if it had religious significance, which in fact it does:

This is fun isn’t it? This is fun. This is fun isn’t it? This is fun.

This is fun isn’t it? This is fun. This is fun isn’t it? This is fun.

Repeat it over and over until it becomes like a pattern on the wallpaper of every thought. Let it be your response to absolutely everything that happens today.

And the remarkable thing is, that simply by repeating it, even if initially feeling glum, you will actually notice everything starting to feel more fun in spite of yourself.

Underlying this is the Taoist principle of transcending preferences, so that no matter what you’re doing or not doing, you’re framing it as fun.

It’ll make your Tao very happy and when your Tao is happy, there’s no end to the boons it will grant you.

Wish: may you be granted too many boons to mention and your levels of fun slide right off the meter.

Love, B

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