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An inquiry into human nature – jealousy 1

In respect of when someone you hold close turns his/her primary attentions on another, leaving you feeling bereft, insecure, unsure and/or threatened to the point you lose perspective and start believing it’s being done to hurt you personally, rather than realizing everyone is merely living out his/her process, means none of it personally and is actually doing the best he/she can according to his/her present stage of personal evolution, a state normally described as jealousy, it’s merely because you’ve lost perspective and have forgotten that on account of the immutable law of yin and yang, or empty and full, the Tao, the background presence, only ever takes something away from you, or moves someone temporarily or permanently out of your orbit, because it has something or someone more appropriate and compatible with your healthy growth at this point.

True wisdom and grace comes in accepting and trusting this.

So though it gives your chest a bit of a squeeze, let go of everyone who needs to be set free for whatever reason, either momentarily or for the duration, and the more swiftly and graciously you do so, the more swiftly the resulting vacuum will be filled to your benefit.

This assumes you assume your relationship with the Tao, the background presence is primary and takes precedence over relationships with any of its outer forms (other people).

Naturally your human aspect will kick up a bit of a fuss, while your deeper/higher aspect looks on knowing everything is perfect and the game is to integrate these two progressively more and then jealousy becomes merely something you observe happening and are so easily able to exhale, relax and let it go.

I wish you a day and night ahead of knowing so clearly you are where you’re meant to be, fully loved by the Tao, nothing anyone could do with anyone could possibly perturb you for a moment.

Love, Doc

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