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An Inquiry Into Human Nature - Pride

The Tao, the background presence behind/beneath/above material reality spontaneously manifests in/via an infinite variety of myriad forms, one of which is people, one of whom, of course, is you. Your role then – at least as far as can be validly stated – is to play your part of being its vessel, its expression, as elegantly and excellently as possible at all times, always aware that perfection is impossible, so forgiving yourself on falling short, yet nonetheless continuing striving to do your best at all times.

And you have every right to be proud of the elegance and excellence with which you give it expression. But your pride can only be on its behalf.

To be proud of any effect your channelling has on others, to be proud of any status achieved through your channelling, to be proud of any wealth or possessions accumulated through it, or even of any respect gained through it, though normal, is actually deluded.

To take yourself as an individuated entity, seriously enough to believe your status, wealth, possessions or even the respect of others for your achievements has any real, as opposed to mere relative, significance, is indicative of having lost perspective.

And this, the loss of perspective, is the actual root of all sin.

Sin derives from the ancient Greek word sin meaning the distance an archer’s arrow lands from the centre of the target – it means missing the mark.

Taking yourself personally, forgetting you’re actually an externally manifest expression of the background presence in human form, being that puffed up about your own apparently individuated presence, paradoxically diminishes rather than amplifies you.

If you want self-expansion and –amplification, bypass seeking it in external effects of any kind and realign yourself with awareness of being a channel, a conduit, whose function is to connect the energies of ‘heaven and earth’: to spiritualize earth plane reality for everyone’s benefit.

Thus aligned the arrow hits the centre of the target every time – serving, life serves you.

To this end, acupressure self-applied can swiftly shift your energy field and with that, your state of mind and hence perspective and there are specific points dealing directly with the arrangement of your inner vision faculty, correct stimulation of which will trigger a perspective shift at the deepest level without even having to think about it.

When you’ve inadvertently forgotten what you are – an expression of and conduit for the background presence and have thus assumed undue self-importance and hence pride, it indicates a disturbance in the gall bladder channel in the form of ‘hot wind’, hence windbag, release of which can be obtained by pressing just above each ear on the temporal bones at the sides of the head.

Place a finger on the apex of each ear and trace upwards lightly on the bone about a blueberry’s distance until your fingertip lands in a dent. Press into this dent with light but intelligible pressure as if drilling through the bone towards the midbrain from both sides.

Hold the pressure for 30 seconds and release slowly. Repeat three times today and by this time tomorrow you’ll find your perspective has deepened and broadened enough to remember who and what you really are, along with which will come an instantaneous expansion and amplification of presence via your person.

I wish you an exponential expansion and amplification or presence now.

Love, B

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