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Another Key To Liberation From Suffering

According to those wise old Taoists of yore yet another major key to reduce the pain of the ongoing existential crisis is to desist from insisting you’re right about anything, no matter how much you’d normally defend your rightness about something almost to the death. As in it’s totally OK to be wrong or to be seen to be wrong at times – it has just as much value as being right or being seen to be right, in terms of something to move your storyline on a bit and so avoid personal stagnation.

Right and wrong are merely opinions, ones that change when seen from a different angle and/or in a different light.

If there are any points to be won in the so-called game of life, they’re to be won for the moments you attain peace of mind and sense of standing in good relation to yourself, to others, to the world and to the background presence informing it all.

This occurs through being present, being in your skin and remaining aware and appreciative of the fundamental miracle of your own existence and has almost nothing to do with whether you are or are perceived to be right – or wrong.

This is not to say you should go around assuming you’re wrong about everything but that if you desist from insisting your view is right and hence from drawing any sort of conclusion at all, instead remaining happily in the I-don’t-know state, it frees you up for beautiful surprises to occur.

Clinging to rightness makes you become that other word starting rig: rigid. Being willing to be wrong, being willing not to presume to even draw a conclusion, on the other hand, increases your existential flexibility and so give life more room to move and create itself magnificent on your behalf.

So perhaps let go of caring about right or wrong today and allow life to delight and surprise you simply as an experiment and see how it works for you.

Loving wish: it works so well you feel compelled to skip along the high street singing, ‘Barefoot is a brick,’ for all the world to enjoy.

Love, B

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