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Attain Balance To Attain Joy

Can you have a really good time without an element of self-destruction? Can life keep generating itself without degenerating simultaneously? Of course not. Yin and yang, the primordial forces of contraction and expansion, degeneration and generation, destruction and creation are inseparable.

Everything is in motion. The entire universe is built with moving parts.

Things develop only through this motion. If everything was fixed, things would be stuck forever in place.

Growth, therefore, requires destructiveness as well as constructiveness.

The trick to preserving life and optimizing on your success-chances in all aspects of life is to balance the flow of the two within to effect a preponderance of the creative, regenerative influence.

So if you go out and get hammered or even just drink a couple of coffees too many, or if you get intimately involved with people you shouldn’t, accept this as a perfectly ordinary aspect of being alive and be sure to balance the harmful effects by doing something creative, constructive and regenerative.

Yes, I’m talking Taoist style meditation and martial arts on a daily basis as the most effective universal panacea but more precisely, on noticing the depleting effect of engaging in various destructive activities, balance it immediately thereafter or simultaneously by visualizing yourself healthy, well and standing in good relation to the universe and all who sail in her.

For as you see it, so it will be, provided you keep seeing it and projecting the image you’re seeing into the ether.

I wish you a huge preponderance of healthy, wholesome, life-affirming chi all the time now.

Love, D

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