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Attaining A State Of Equanimity

When you relax and ease off a bit, when you give life a bit of space to breathe, you gain enough distance to spot a discernable pattern to the way things are evolving.

You learn to discern the innate dynamic between phases of contraction and difficulty and phases of expansion and ease – yin and yang.

And you learn by and by to transcend preferences because you know that one phase automatically transforms into the other as soon as it gets too weighty. You can also discern a certain subtle force driving things on – this is the very same force as the vitality running through your own body and mind. That’s why the more you relax, the more this force can flow and the more energized you feel. The more energized you feel, the more you’re able to tune into the flow of events governing your life. Like that you don’t get so perturbed when things get scary, nor so elated when they go your way, as to lose command of your own centre. You are able to remain in a state of equanimity. You grow to identify progressively more with that within which simply bears witness as the drama of your life unfolds.

And may it unfold with utmost elegance, bringing you a shower of unexpected gifts and delights today.

Love, Doc

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