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Attaining And Maintaining Peace Of Mind II

Entertain the notion of desisting from seeing things as either good or bad. Doing so you divorce yourself from at least half of what’s on offer for you in the world. Understand that good and bad are merely opinions, based on one particular view of the world – one locked-off camera angle and lighting scheme. Something that looks good in one moment, from one angle, lit in a certain way, can look equally bad the next moment, seen from a different angle under a different light.

There are a thousand examples a minute of this but let me go with the one that’s springing off the top of my head just now.

You’re passing through a large plain with factories, industrial plant and power stations filling every corner. High up on the lush green, wooded hill looking down on it all is a beautiful white mansion with what you imagine are wonderful views out over the whole valley below all the way to the opposite hills. ‘How wonderful it would be to see the world from up there instead of down here,’ you may probably think. But go up to that beautiful mansion on its lush green wooded hillside and you’ll swiftly realise on gazing through any of its front windows that you’re actually just looking out over all the industrial ugliness from there, so in fact life affords you a better perspective altogether when you’re down on the plane.

I wish you the joy of knowing where you are is the result of an unfathomably complex chain of events that began at the start of time itself and is therefore exactly as it’s meant to be and all is well – in fact all is utterly terrific.

Love, Doc

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