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Attaining Unshakable Peace Of Mind In The Face Of A World Replete With Dazzling Distraction

If you exercise insight, you’ll observe your mind latching onto things it thinks it wants – people, objects, situations, lifestyles and so on.

You’ll also notice that almost instantaneously, conflict arises within about whether you’re capable or deserving of ever having the object of your desire. Along with this inevitably comes a whole slew of auxiliary negativity, which can swiftly build to a state of distress.

One effective way to allay this and to instead generate a state of perpetual peace, is to remind yourself that all forms are illusory and that though something may look pretty from a certain angle and in a particular light, it will inevitably look ugly from a different angle and in a different light. Or from yet another angle and in another light it may look a little of both (pretty ugly).

So to fixate on any particular form, imagining it to be perfect (without flaw) is as silly as fixating on a shaft of light and imagining it carries no shadow.

Instead of fixating on any particular form, fixate on the background presence, the Tao generating all forms. Then ask yourself the sort of emotional state you imagine obtaining the object of your fixation would grant you.

Now visualize yourself enjoying that state regardless, then let go, relax back into being alive and loving the experience whether it will at some point include you obtaining the object of your desire or not and before you can say Lao Tsu, you’ll find yourself in precisely the emotional state you envisaged and what’s more, either what you wanted will be yours and if not that something even better.

This is the basis of wu wei, the Taoist system of manifesting and I wish you huge success in using it – indeed may you manifest such delights and wonders today, it’s all you can do not to go skipping merrily down the street singing ‘Barefoot is a brick’ for all the world to hear.

Love, D

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