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Attracting gifts of untold magnitude and splendor today

There are times to push and times to sit back and let it all come to you.

Naturally I can’t tell which phase of the cycle you’re in directly just now, dear reader, but based on the generalized assumption that, having probably been brought up in the modern Western world, your tendency has mostly been to push rather than allow the Tao, it behoves me to suggest, merely by way of existential experiment just for fun, that you dedicate today entirely to sitting back and allowing life to come to you.

I have a party trick, in a manner of speaking, it’s a good one and I’m going to let you in on it, but don’t tell anyone, because if everyone did it, it wouldn’t work anymore.

Whenever I go to a party, at the start where everyone’s standing around awkwardly pretending not to feel awkward, not drunk or relaxed enough yet to start dancing and so on but feeling obliged to keep standing there (like lemons), I tend always to make for the most comfortable armchair, or preferably couch, or hippy bed affair and ensconce myself, all alone if needs be, get comfy, relax and wait.

At first people may look at me slightly askance but inevitably, as they get tired of being lemons, one by one they come over and sit with me, partly because it’s more comfortable and partly because I’m so relaxed they’re drawn to my peace anyway, and within but a short while, I’m surrounded by interesting people, who’ve sloughed off their lemon skins, bringing me drinks or whatever I want and generally affording me an entertaining time of it, leaving me free to get up and wander and dance and do whatever I feel at will without feeling pressured to do so.

This is the stratagem I’m proposing for today. Try it and see what life brings you.

I wish you gifts of untold magnitude and splendor today.

Love, Barefoot

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