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Availing Yourself Of The Full Power Of Life To Produce The Results You Want

When people talk about manifesting the life you want, they talk about the ebb and flow of things and how the tide going out empties you of the old and the incoming tide brings you the new. Understanding this tidal movement is essential to make sense of the apparent delays that occur when you’re endeavouring to manifest something big in your life. Ebbs and tides are a property of the ocean.

Consider the huge unpredictable turbulence and power of the ocean – the currents, swells, flows and counter-flows, the storms, the calm and generally immense movement of it all. Setting sail upon the ocean, you do so with respect because you know it is more powerful than you. You do so with patience because you know you can’t rush the ocean. And you do so with faith, because though you are able to set your course, steer the rudder and power the ship, you know you have to surrender to the ocean’s greater power and trust it to carry you safely to your destination.

It’s exactly the same on the psycho-energetic level. You set your course by clarifying and stating your intention – say to manifest a life of perfect satisfaction and fulfilment, you power yourself courtesy of your natural vitality and you let go and surrender to the ocean’s greater power to deliver you what you want or to what you want.

So don’t rush or push the process. Once you’ve stated your intention and harnessed it to your chi, let go with full respect for the unfathomable power of the ocean of life and trust it to carry you to the next phase.

Feeling respect for the ocean is feeling respect for the Tao. Respect the Tao and the Tao respects you back and in that mutual respect everything you wish for comes to pass without delay in the appropriate way to produce your highest possible good.

So may it be for you.

Love, Doc

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