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Availing Yourself Of The Full Power Of Life To Produce The Results You Want – Advanced Level

If you learn to remain centred you can’t go wrong. Because no matter how turbulent the ocean gets, no matter how it spins or tilts you this way or that, providing you remain centred you’ll remain afloat and the right way up.

It’s like being a daruma doll – one of those round-based Japanese doll, that no matter how hard you push them over, always spin round upright again.

And the way to achieve this in the body and mind simultaneously so that no matter how forcefully the ocean of life spins or tilts you, you always remain afloat and righted, is to keep half a thought all day long that, no matter what else you’re engaged in, in feeling and allowing your weight and hence energy to drop down below the level of your navel and fill up in your pelvic bowl, legs and feet.

As a reference point, train yourself to remain aware of a spot a grape’s distance down from your navel and assume this to be the top of the receptacle comprised of pelvis, legs and feet, which is now containing your weight and energy – and be sure to keep dropping and sinking your weight down below that point.

This causes your upper parts and head to feel light and free, while keeping you afloat and righted at all times.

To enhance the effect, also visualize yourself as a round-based doll, so that no matter how hard life pushes on you, you keep spinning upright again and again and that the sensation is actually so enjoyable, you actually welcome the pushes - the harder the better.

Have a magnificent time spinning back upright today and by the time you rest your head on the pillow later, may you have received at least three whopping great magnificent surprises.

Love, B

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