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In seeking balance in your life, start within. In seeking balance within, start in your body. Begin with the breath. Equalize the duration of the inhalation and exhalation, as this equates to your intake and output in general.

Then move on to your skeletal set-up: slowly move your head about, to and fro and side to side, till you find the position where it rests with optimum ease atop your spine. Move spine about till it sits atop your pelvis with minimum strain. When standing, move your weight from the balls of the feet to the heels and back and from instep to out-step and back again until you find the position that affords you optimum ease of standing.

But then remember that absolutely all manifest phenomena in this universe are in motion, hence that’s it’s foolish to imagine balance as something static. Balance is fluid. It has to be to accommodate the motion of the ocean of existence.

Remain in motion. Don’t try to be static. Yet remain in balance as you go.

Visualize a seesaw with your standing in the midpoint as the two ends go variously alternately up and down.

I wish you total stability in the midst of movement.

Love, B

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