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Be The Magician Today

You can either see yourself as the victim today, a victim of oppression and failure, or you can see yourself as the magician who creates reality as it goes along. You can either see yourself as a hapless beggar or as the emperor or empress of your world.

Choose the latter.

It’s far more fun.

Remember reality responds to the way you see it. See it bountiful and benign and that’s how it’ll treat you. See it as oppressive and malign and that’s how it’ll show up for you.

Look around you at what you perceive to be your life at present, which in itself is obviously but a view you’re creating, and tell yourself, ‘I have manifested all of this and even if I perceive some of it to truly suck, I trust myself to have manifested it all for a damn good reason, even if I can’t discern what it is yet.’

Then keep looking and tell yourself, ‘I am the emperor/empress of all of this and I’m free to change any or all of it as I choose.’

Then ask yourself truthfully which bits you want to change and how you want to change the. Then spend a brief moment to visualize them that way and see yourself enjoying having jumped over whatever hurdles seem to currently stand in the way of that result.

When you marshal your mental force like this, you are able to take command of the way you perceive it and hence produce different results in real time.

And one major aspect of such mental marshalling, aside from the crucial element of visualization, is the power of the spoken word, the spell if you like.

As kids we learned to say abaracadabara. As adults we came to think it just a joke.

But in fact the phrase is a bastardization of the phrase used in ancient Hebrew, the kabalistic system of magic of which tradition provided the bedrock of all later Western magic, meaning, ‘as I say it, so it is’.

And if you can sit or stand powerfully like a warrior, settled fully into your skin, hold your palms pressed together out in front of you as if pointing the way to infinity, make your determination known by saying it aloud (make your wish, or form your prayer, having first visualized what you want) and then say, ‘abaracadabara,’ or, ‘as I say it so it is,’ or both, and then stand still there in respectful silence for a moment, you’ll feel a discreet rush of energy to your face, the air will shimmer and the light sparkle as a sign your wish is the universe’s command.

And magic will happen in your life in the hours, days, weeks and months that follow.

Wish: the magic starts right now and fills you with ever-increasing existential glee.

Love, B

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