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Beautiful, powerful and slinky

The mode in which you experience the moment is entirely up to which mode you choose. Actively choose today to be easy and for you to ease off while achieving far more, far more easily and that’s precisely what you’ll get.

Reality behaves as you command it to, via the way you command yourself to respond to it.

So here you are with a day to play with – the divine and unfathomable gift of a day of life on a planet in space – and you can play with it however you like.

So why not try experimenting by playing it easy.

This doesn’t mean collapse into it like a sack of potatoes. It means ease into it like a cougar easing into a pleasant, productive run through the jungle – slick and strong, powerful and confident, alert and awake, yet fully let go and relaxed, trusting innately in the benign nature of your Tao.

Start at your head and work down your body till relaxation and ease has spread like a substance throughout your system, leaving you feeling beautiful, powerful and slinky for the day. Say, ‘I choose to take this precious day in a beautiful, powerful, slinky way,’ six times at once then carry on as you were and as sure as eggs is eggs that’s the kind of day you’ll manifest.

Loving wish: it turns beautiful, powerful and slinky for you today.

Love, B

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